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comma-1I can’t believe how white my teeth have gotten since I have been to Chandler Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. Dr. Rogel Carlos is amazing, and the techniques and equipment he uses are state of the art. Run don’t walk to this dental office, you won’t be disappointed!comma-2
~ Sabrina Lee
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Teeth Whitening

kor_logoTeeth whitening are one of the many procedures in cosmetic dentistry, and there are a number of systems in use to whiten teeth. The system we use here, and the one we really recommend is called the KOR Teeth Bleaching system.This system is much better than the others out there because it actually works. I recommend KOR so highly because I have done it on myself and on many patients with great results. The system even lightens and whitens tetracycline stained teeth, which are difficult to whiten.The drawbacks of teeth whitening systems such as Zoom, which we don’t do here, are that they don’t work that well. Those systems only dehydrate the teeth, make the teeth look whiter for a week or two, and then the teeth will go back to their original shade. In short, the results are very short term and you would need to keep going back, because the teeth haven’t really been whitened.With the KOR system, the patient wears the custom-made trays for six to eights hours a day on their teeth. The special gel placed in the trays goes through your enamel and breaks down stains, including intrinsic staining, which makes the results last.Many of the systems cause a lot of sensitivities for patients, which the KOR system does not have. We have developed a de-sensitizer for before and after the treatment, thus eliminating that sensitivity. Now patients can wear those trays for six to eight hours and see excellent results without having their teeth become sensitive.

In other teeth whitening systems, when you use the take home trays, the bleach leaks out. However, with the KOR Teeth Bleaching system, we’ve developed a technology where we fabricate bleaching trays from which the bleach does not escape and stays on the teeth. The main benefit is that the system really works and the results last. With KOR, a patient can whiten their teeth up to 10 shades. We’ve seen those results here at the office. The whole procedure takes about two weeks, and you can see the initial results overnight.