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Root Canals

A root canal is the last resort procedure that we use when trying to save a tooth. Teeth that are indicated for a root canal mostly have decay that has penetrated through the enamel and dentin and affected the nerve. The patient may be experiencing slight pain or full blown infection, but the tooth can still be saved, and doesn’t necessarily need to come out.Root canal is the removal of the nerve inside the tooth, making the tooth essentially not feeling anything. So the patient would feel no more pain in that tooth. The procedure involves removing the nerve of the tooth and filling in the ‘canal’ area and sealing it off, thereby saving the tooth. The procedure essentially treats the affected root of the tooth and fills in the ‘canal’ areas where the nerve used to be. The patient gets to keep that tooth, which is very important, especially first molars. Teeth are essential for chewing, digestion, and overall health, so keeping the teeth in the mouth is our goal. What a root canal does is save that first molar and the patient can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.We also have what is called a “natural implant” as opposed to a titanium dental implant, where the natural tooth stays in the mouth after a root canal. It is less expensive to keep the tooth other than removing that tooth and getting an implant placed. Keeping your natural teeth is good for you and can also save you money down the line.

Many people are afraid of root canals and associate the procedure with a lot of pain. This is not the case, as the procedure is done with anesthesia and also allows you to keep your natural tooth. Avoiding a root canal can lead to more serious problems where the bone and surrounding tissue can also become infected. That, in turn, can cause teeth to become loose and you may eventually lose more teeth. Without teeth, you can’t chew properly, can’t digest properly, and will develop other health problems.

We do a thorough examination to make sure that a root canal is really necessary, and we make sure we do it in a way that preserves the patient’s overall health.