Our Technology

At Chandler Dentistry, we are focused on ensuring our facility uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide a high standard of dental care for patients in the Chandler community.

Digital X-Rays

Our practice is excited to provide digital x-rays. These allow the dentist to get a clearer, more precise view of the mouth, bone, and teeth to diagnose a number of potential dental concerns. Different views can be seen with digital x-rays, and can assist in getting a better view and understanding of the treatments needed to improve the condition of the smile. Not only are they an excellent tool for diagnostics, but they are beneficial to the patients as well, reducing radiation exposure by over 80 percent versus traditional x-ray machinery

Intraoral Cameras

Often, patients are unable to see what the dentists see. By using technology such as intraoral cameras, patients can now view the problems in their mouth. This gives patients a better understanding as to the problems they may have by seeing them on a computer monitor in the treatment room. Digital stills may be taken of the mouth and sent to insurance companies and other medical professionals if necessary, making it a wonderful diagnostic and treatment tool for both patient and dentist.

Rotary Endodontics

In our practice, we utilize rotary endodontics for root canal therapy. An electric hand piece is used to clean and shape the canals of the tooth faster than hand files and without the noise of a traditional drill. Rotary endodontics makes a less stressful, more pleasant appointment for patients.

Electric Hand Pieces

We use two hand pieces in our practice, including electric and air-driven. By using these hand pieces, the dentist can cut appointment time down considerably and get patients in and out of the practice faster than he can using traditional methods of removing tooth decay.


Same Day Dental Crowns

At our practice, we offer CEREC crowns, also known as CEramic REConstruction. This revolutionary technology allows dentists to fabricate porcelain restorations for patients within their appointment time. During the dental crowns procedure, a dental laboratory’s services are used by the dentist to produce and fabricate the final porcelain crown. As a result, this procedure takes around two weeks to complete. But, with the CEREC system, dentists now have the ability to fabricate the final crown to excellent precision and within the time of one dental appointment in the dental office itself.