My Grandfather was a dentist and he had treated me my entire life, so I was afraid to see anyone else. Not anymore, Dr. Carlos and his staff were awesome, they talked me through everything that they did and I felt very comfortable. Thanks Dr. Carlos!
~ Tony

Cosmetic Dentistry

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Everybody wants their teeth to look good and to have a nice smile. With a lot of people, the first thing you notice is their teeth. When you look at a person’s face, the focus is on the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry deals with the aesthetics of the teeth and making teeth look ideal and perfect. It’s also not just about appearance, but function as well.

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Function is a key factor in my practice. I believe that teeth are not just for looks, but for function and the overall health of the patient. The way teeth perform is essential in our livelihood, because it affects how we eat and digest our food, which in turn allows us to maintain a healthy balance and lifestyle.

I focus a lot on teeth being in balance and in harmony with each other, as well as the muscles and joints that support them. For the whole oral system to be healthy and function efficiently and in order to maintain proper health, you need to have the balance between the teeth, mouth muscles, and joints around the mouth; everything has to be balanced. Cosmetic dentistry tries to achieve that goal with the teeth, muscles, and gums by keeping everything clean and healthy. Cosmetic dentistry in my office is so much more than appearance and looking good. While that is also important, the health and function elements are key.

Doctor's Special Training

I have trained under Dr. Pete Dawson, a well renowned dentist out of Florida. I’m also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and attend the meeting every year. Also, I'm a member of the Arizona Dental Association, as well as of a local dental study group in Phoenix area.

I also take part in quite a bit of training and continuing education. I attend about three times more continuing education in one year, than what is necessary. So dentistry for me is a continual learning experience which includes studying, learning, and spending more hours beyond what I’m required to. I have joined organizations that are top notch and studied under top dentists, to achieve what I’ve achieved so far.
Wow, what a wonderful experience. It's nice to know the person who is doing your smile makeover has a lot of experience and is someone you can trust. Dr. Carlos explained each procedure very thoroughly and I completely felt at ease.
~ Amie L.